Hello Internet!


I've just been rendered speechless not by one, but by TWO sites that truly embrace the spirit of what's web 2.0-y:



What's so special about them? They paid attention to what works and what doesn't and made it a priority to follow those guidelines.

I'm sure there's plenty of posts out there regarding good ideas or user experience guidelines, but here are some of the things that came to mind:
*Make it easy to sign up, easy to run away: cost of entry is zero
*Make it friendly, usable, snappy and PLEASE don't crowd it
*Make it interact with what I already use. New services should not be islands, they should enhance my current "internets" experience.

RememberTheMilk is using as many services as it can (Google's calendar, gears, iGoogle, maps; OSX widgets, mobile access, email interaction...). It also uses well-proven concepts like tags, tag clouds, quick search, etc. I like it. A lot.

Imified just so happens to be a service that can be used with RememberTheMilk. It's a service (plays well with others), it's cheap (as in free and as in I-didn't-have-to-jump-through-hoops). In particular, I like the IM interface. You just send a message to create an account! Brilliant! It responds with a menu! Brilliant! It's very creepily reminiscent of a text browser and a telephone menu... "press 1 to do this, press 2 to do that...".

Fantastic. I'm so happy! Try it! Do it!


Jed said...

I had to dig into my email to find my login for Remember the Milk (thank you gmail) from Oct 2005. I have to admit they've added a lot of nice features and spruced up the interface a bunch (it's fast!).

Sadly for me, RtM is still not as powerful as I want. But take a look at Stikkit. I've started using this as my online repository of all the info I need, including to-do lists. It's pretty cool, plays great with my mac (widgets!) and has some cool API features (I'm currently trying to build a Stikkit client for my new blackberry phone). The only downside so far is that it's a tad slow, it uses a different markup language than I'm used to, and sometimes it gets too smart for it's own good.z

brito said...

Did you know that IMified has a widget for stikkit? try it, maybe it solves your latency problem