jQuery one point oh

It's out. jQuery 1.0 was just announced and it's HOT. The rollout is still in progress, as there's a ton of work that involves getting the API and documentation ready, test cases, screencasts, visual docs and supermodels ready.

Use it wisely. If you break it, pay for it. OR log a bug.

There's a LOT of new functionality in the new build so keep a close eye on the documentation as it comes out of the oven and consider joining the discussion list.

My three readers are wondering, "why are you making such a fuss over a library?" and I shall answer: I've seen plenty of libraries and yes, they are all nice. What I really like about this one is that its conventions delare almost a different language, in which it's not evident what all the possible uses of it might be. "How can this be? It's just JavaScript" I hear reader number 2 asking. JavaScript, like any other language, is both just an abstraction and a way to describe something, and yet, people keep finding new ways of using it. This library delivers a tremendous level of abstraction with insane eloquence, from which plugins and functionality pop out from like... popping corn. (Please suggest better metaphors in your comments so I can fix this one).

So no, it's not just a library, it's a language. Ok, not officially a language, but it might as well be. With it, many people are writing way cool plugins with little code. Exactly what we all need.

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