A word about geeks

Joel is pretty pissed in his latest post: Travelers Insurance: Drop Dead.

It's funny, though. I understand that we're the "geeks", but when I think of it, the people I work with are not just intellectually smarter, but also emotionally smarter than the guys that used to be the "jocks" (am I making fun of them now?). Sure, engineers in general are more practical and tend to choose stain-and-wrinkle-free clothing that's probably not Armani, but last time I looked they were wearing Lucky Jeans or Abercrombies. (maybe that's geeky and now I'm being made fun of)

Stereotypes are ok when you know that only a small percentage will kind of fit. It's funny. It's not real. But when you see that someone seriously thinks that a group of people are stereotypical... then they're nothing but a bunch of idiots with no friends.

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